Community Support

This year, The Club continues to support The Brockville and Area YMCA. 

This donation with be used to help support the teen programs. Teens are able to be able to participate in after school events for them and a drop in program on Friday night.













In 2022-2023 we helped support the following organizations: 

 Brockville and Area YMCA   Brockville & District Hospital Foundation
 Palliative Care  Victim Services
 Brockville & Area Food Bank  Athens Food Bank
 Loaves and Fishes   Brockville Special Olympics
 School Nutrition Programs  Bursaries for local high schools
 Christmas Families  Brockville Concert Association
 Girls Inc.  King Kitchen
 Prescott Public Library  Big Brothers Big Sisters


Food Banks - We continue to support 3 local area food banks with monthly donations.  This includes Food For All, The Athens Food Bank, and the Brockville and Area Food Bank.

Brockville and Area Food Bank

At the last Maycourt meeting, the ladies helped out the Brockville and Area Food Bank by collecting much-needed feminine hygiene products. Pictured is Cathy Morton, viewing the donations.






Kings Kitchen Prescott

Funds were donated to Kings Kitchen Prescott to help purchase the necessary food items to support their supper program. 








Prescott Public Library

We wanted to share with you some of the changes that we were able to make with your kind donation to our library.  The change of just painting the shelves and some wall space was staggering. The top of the walls houses a mural, painted by a previous resident in 1996 and now that the spaces around it are freshened up people have been commenting that they had never noticed it.  The whole space got a whole new look.  With a bit left over we purchased a small reading spot (teepee) and it is used regularly.

Anne J Gillard Chief Librarian and CEO

Prescott Public Library



Brockville Special Olympics

Funds were donated to the Brockville Special Olympics to help with the cost of the pool rental.









We also supported medical and dental requests from social services agencies on behalf of individuals in special need. Several families that needed extra support at Christmas were also helped.


Requests for funds are considered by the membership three times annually at general meetings held in October, January, and April. Applications must be submitted by the 20th of the prior month.


Application Form

To request financial assistance, please download an application form. 

Completed forms, with all required documentation, can be dropped off at our Thrift Shop or emailed to

Questions regarding funding can be emailed to