Brockville May Court Club members at their October meeting voted $15,650.98 to support good works in the community.

This amount is in addition to annual contribution of $25,740 already budgeted.

All monies stay in the community and are raised mostly through sales at the May Court Thrift Shop, located at 75 King St. W., in historic downtown Brockville.

Funding requests are voted three times a year: October, January and April. This month Special Olympics, Pathfinders and Rangers, Meals-on-Wheels and Weekender meals for school children were major recipients. May Court also funds special needs for disabled, dental and eye requests.

Nutrition needs are a special concern. Annual funding goes to food banks, Loaves&Fishes and school nutrition programs.

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Dollars to the community



May Court Club has been busy recently, doing what we do best--supporting the community of Leeds and Grenville. When you shop in our Thrift Shop at 75 King St. West or support any of our fundraisers, you can pat yourself on the back, knowing that you helped us to donate:
$25,847 to the Brockville and Area Community
$700 to the Brockville Public Library
$750 to the Friends of Prescott Library
$1,000 to the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival
$1,200 to the Alzheimer Society
$2,000 to Sherwood Park Manor
$8,000 to YMCA of Brockville and Area